Data Privacy

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What are our concerns about data privacy and ideally, what should our concerns be? Those with access to all our data are the new imperialists, considering data is a new wealth. So how do we battle the new imperialists? To Sandhya Mendonca’s question, Siddharth Das discusses the frameworks that define privacy in modern nations.

If the individuality of the citizen is strongly protected by the institutions put in place by nations, then privacy is limited to being a matter of personal preference. But frameworks and our checks and balances are now perpetually under threat.

And this should be a matter of concern in a nation like India where the idea of privacy has not been paid attention to, historically.

The idea of tools like blockchain that we can actually rely on protect privacy are more futuristic ideas, Siddharth believes. Could publicly managed encryption be the custodian of each individual’s privacy? Maybe, Siddharth says, if our policymakers manage to “nd time to look in that direction.

People in this video

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