Education Tomorrow

With AI taking over, what will be the jobs that require uniquely human skills? And how do we foresee those and relook at what we call education today? the current generation trained itself for the leftovers of the Industrial Revolution; what does the next generation train itself for? [...]

How will AI change democracy?

We are in an age where we have access to the most information ever, yet we are not sure how much of it is to be believed. To add to that Sandhya Mendonca wonders if the social media has reduced what we believe is representative democracy to a direct democracy [...]

Data Privacy

What are our concerns about data privacy and ideally, what should our concerns be? Those with access to all our data are the new imperialists, considering data is a new wealth. So how do we battle the new imperialists? To Sandhya Mendonca’s question, Siddharth Das discusses the frameworks that define [...]

Bibek Debroy – Tomorrow, Science Fiction and Everything Else

The first edition of Tomorrow Dialogues is titled Where Will Man Take Us? It was launched on 18th October 2019 at Bangalore and the Keynote was delivered by Bibek Debroy, author, economist and raconteur par excellence. A Padma Shri awardee, Debroy is only the second person to have translated both [...]